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Last year, Healthy56258’s Nutrition Network and the SMSU Center for Civic & Community Engagement hosted a series of pop-up style pantry events where students were introduced to non-academic supports through food and hygiene products. The response was overwhelmingly in favor of program expansion. On the first event day, 61 students were served within 30 minutes and the tables were cleared of all items. Emotions were high. Some students cried and all who received items connected with one another during the event to share stories of struggle and gratitude. Considering the unknown variables of the life of a student and the invisibility of financial struggles, this Mustang Market could not have come at a better time! In all areas of life, food should never be arbitrary. Everyone deserves access to fresh, affordable and nutritious foods. Please consider supporting our students!

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SMSU has a new way to support students’ basic needs with the installation of a permanent food and resource pantry located within the Center for Civic & Community Engagement. Initial plans are to have the pantry open and available for students once per month and by appointment. All food dispensed to students is free and is meant to supplement their limited food budgets while in school.

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Donations will primarily be used to order healthy pantry items, including non-perishable packaged foods and fresh produce from Second Harvest Heartland.

Why are donations necessary?

To maintain a free choice-model pantry, donations are necessary to stock the pantry shelves with healthy food options and personal hygiene items.